Saturday, September 15, 2012

♥ Nightmare (FTU) ♥


Written on the September 15th,2012
This tut is intended for those that have a working knowledge of PSP
This tutorial was written in PSP X but can be done in any version.
My tutorials are only meant as a guide , if u wish to use a different tube or change the colors etc ,
then please feel free to do so.I love to see what all others can create with my stuff..

Supplies Needed:
Font of Choice
Eye Candy 4000 >Gradient Glow
Scrapkit "Nightmare Before Christmas" by Jessica at Gothic Inspirations!!!
U can find it Here!!

Tube of your choice - I am using the beautiful artwork of Elias Chatzoudis.
You need a license to use his work, please do not use his work without a proper license..
U can get it Here!

Drop Shadow used
V - 1
H - 1
Opacity - 60
Blur - 6
Color - Black

Let's Get Started!!!
New canvas 750 x 650.
Copy & paste Splatter Mask, resize 90%.

Copy & paste Frame 1, resize 70%, with magic wand click inside to select frame, selections, modify >expand by 3, copy & paste
paper 8 as a new layer, move layer below frame layer, selections invert, delete... KEEP SELECTED!!!!

Copy & paste Fog, place at top , delete, select none, duplicate , mirror , flip...
Merge layer down...Lower opacity to around 90.

Copy & paste Lighting, placing as desired. with magic wand select inside of frame , on Lighting layer selections invert and delete...

Copy & paste Moon, resize 30% place on top right of frame...
Drop shadow frame...

Copy & paste Ornaments , resize 90%, place on top left of frame... Drop shadow,.

Copy & paste Candle, Cat and Pumpkin , resize 40% , place and drop shadow...

Copy & paste tube, if using same as me, then with eraser tool set to fuzzy soft and erase some of bottom of tube...

Drop shadow tube,... move tube layer below pumpkin but above Cat layer and mirror cat ....

Copy & paste Nightmare wordart , resize , place and add a small gradient glow , I used
Click Fat
Color White
Drop shadow

add any other elements that u wish .

Please remember to add all proper © copyright info

Add ur name...
Save as PNG file...
Hope u enjoyed my tutorial
I would love to see your results, Please post them here or
u can email them to Here at! with subject line "Tut Results"!!!

Awesome tut result from Di !!!!
And 1 from Carol!!!

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