Monday, May 18, 2015

Cool n Hot (PTU)

Cool & Hot (PTU) 

Written on May 18th  2015

This tut is intended for those that have a working knowledge of PSP 
This tutorial was written in PSP X but can be done in any version.
My tutorials are only meant as a guide , if u wish to use a different 
tube or change the colors etc , 
then please feel free to do so.I love to see what all others can create 
with my stuff.

Supplies Needed:
Font of Choice 
Scrapkit "Cool n Hot" by Creation by Sanie!!!!

You can check out her blog Here.

You can purchase the kit Here or you can
purchase the kit and tube Here.

Mask "RR Mask Set 59 - Mask 4" by Rocked By Rachel!!!
you can get it Here.

Tube of your choice - I am using the beautiful artwork of "Ismael Rac" 
You need a license to use his/her work, please do not use his work 
without a proper license.. 

U can purchase it Here .

Drop shadow throughout tut is the following..
V= 1
H= 1
Opacity = 60
Blur = 6.00

Let's Get Started!!!
New canvas 750 x 650. Transparent

Copy & paste Element 19 - resize 80% , drop shadow, then with magic wand click inside frame, selections>modify>
Expand by 5.
Copy & paste paper 7 , resize to liking and selecteions> Invert and hit delete.
Keep selected...
Copy & paste tube, resize to liking, move layer below frame,duplicate tube,move duplicated tube to top of frame now back to bottom layer
tube, while still selected hit delete button.. 
Now on top tube layer take your eraser tool and slightly erase some of her legs at bottom...
Drop shadow tube layer...

Copy & paste element 17 , resize 45%, place on left side, with magic wand click inside to select, selections> modify>
expand by 5, copy & paste paper 6 , selections >invert ,delete...
Keep selected , copy & paste tube , resize to liking, place , hit delete, deselect , now lower opacity to 50. I mirrored mine, then
placed it back inside frame...
Drop shadow element 17 and tube...

Copy & paste element 32, resize 70% , mirror and place on right side, duplicate , move duplicate layer below the big tube & frame
layer,but above the bottom tube layer, now with eraser tool and on top layer, erase around her arms and head, then drop shadow.

Copy & paste the following elements and resize, place ,Sharpen and drop shadow...
Element 33 - 70% 
Element 2 - 70%
Element 5 -70% twice 
Element 3 - 35%
Element 1 - Did not resize sand, place on left , duplicate , mirror , merge layer down..
Element 25 - 25% 
Element 15 - Did not resize
Element 6 -Did not resize , place , duplicate , mirror and place 
Element 20 - 35% 

add any other elements that u wish .
resize to 650 x 563 or to liking...I always resize mine before adding 
copyright to keep it from being blury.

Please remember to add all proper © copyright info

Add ur name...
Save as PNG file...
Hope u enjoyed my tutorial
I would love to see your results, Please post them here or 
u can email them to Here at! with subject 
line "Tut Results"!!! 

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