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♥ Janesko Lilac Dreams (FTU) ♥

Janesko Lilac Dreams (FTU)

Written on the June 11th,2009
This tut is intended for those that have a working knowledge of PSP
This tutorial was written in PSP 9 but can be done in any version.

Supplies Needed
Font of Choice
Eye Candy 4000 >Gradient Glow
Alien Skin Xenofex 2 Constellation

Scrap Kit of Choice . I used a scrapkit called "Lilac Dreams" by Monica At Simply Sensational Scraps
Thanks Monica for another awesome 
u can get it

Template #50  By Simone at Sophisticat Simone
u can get it

Mask WSL_Mask226 by Weescotlass
u can get it

Tube of your choice - I'm using the beautiful FTU artwork of Jennifer Janesko .
You need a license to use her work which is available from

Let's Get Started!!!
Open Template ,shift D , close original.
Delete background and  credit Layers..

On paper layer , colorize with #70518a , resize 110%
add drop shadow.
3 Strips layer, select all,float,defloat,copy & paste paper 14 , resize to liking ,selections invert,delete.
Select none.,add drop shadow,,

Oval , select with magic wand,copy & paste paper 2, selections invert,delete.add drop shadow,

Rectangle selections, select all ,float, defloat. copy * paste paper 10 ,resize, selections invert.delete.
Add drop shadow,,

Oval layer select , now highlight rectangle layer and hit delete now put that layer over the oval layer..
Still selected copy & paste ur tube,,
selections invert ,delete..
add drop shadow..
Colorize bow and stitch layers with #70518A

Select oval 1 more time add new layer between the oval and tube and copy & paste into selection the
sparklerain 1.
Open , copy & paste bow 8, resize ,place and drop shadow,.use my tag for placement.
Copy & paste butterfly 5 & 6 , resize and place..drop shadow,.
Copy & paste foliage 1 , resize and place I dupicated mine and placed one underthe rectangle layer.
Use eraser and erase what parts u do not want to show on top of frame..

Copy & paste flowers 7 ,8 and 9, resize by 50% then 20%, place on left side, merge these layers together,
duplicate and mirror, add drop shadow,
Copy & paste flower 4 , resize 50% then 20% place on top of other flowers, drop shadow,.

Add new layer , copy and paste paper 8 , resize , apply mask,merge group..

add any other elements that u wish ..

Please remember to add all proper © copyright info 

Add ur name...
If you do not wish to animate then resize & a png.
If you wish to animate then continue reading,,,

On the Rectangle layer select all, float ,defloat, duplicate layer 2 times for a total of 3 frames.
rename layers 1,2,3

Layer 1 apply the Alien Skin Xenofex 2 Constellation with the following settings...

Layer 2 do the same but click the random seed buttom.

Layer 3 do the same but click the random seed buttom.

Now to animate.
X out of 2 top layers of ur dup'ed layers..
Copy Merged and paste in Animation Shop as a new animation.
X out of 1st layer and unX 2nd layer
Copy Merged and paste in Animation Shop after current frame..
X out of 2nd layer and unX 3rd layer
Copy Merged and paste in Animation Shop after current frame..

Hope u enjoyed my tutorial
If you have any questions just hollar...
I would love to see your results, Please post them here or
u can email them to me
♥ Stef ♥

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