Monday, May 14, 2012

♥ Glamorous (FTU) ♥

♥ Glamorous (FTU) ♥

Written on the May 14th,2012

Rewritten on February 21,2018
This tut is intended for those that have a working knowledge of PSP
This tutorial was written in PSP X but can be done in any version.
My tutorials are only meant as a guide , if u wish to use a different tube or change the colors etc ,
then please feel free to do so.I love to see what all others can create with my stuff..

Supplies Needed:
Eye Candy 3  >Gradient Glow

Font of Choice I used Fiolex Girls
U can get it Here!!!!

Scrapkit "Glamorous" By Amy at Amy & Leahs Gimptastic Tuts!!!!
U can find it Here!!

Tube of your choice - I am using the beautiful artwork of Ismael Rac .
You need a license to use his work, please do not use his work without a proper license..
U can get it Here! 

Mask of choice or I used WSL_Mask83 by Weescotlass Creatiions!!!
U can get it Here!!!

Drop Shadow used throughout tut is
H & V -2
Opacity -40
Blur - 2
Color Black

Let's Get Started!!!

New canvas
750 x 650
Copy & paste frame 10, with magic wand , click inside to select, selections >modify >expand by 5.
Highlight layer below frame layer..
Copy & paste paper 2 as a new layer, selections invert, delete..
Keep selected ...
Copy & paste close up tube, place , layer should be above frame layer , with eraser tool set to 50 and erase parts on bottom of frame to your liking.

Deselect . Drop shadow both frame and tube,,,
Open Mask then
Click on bottom layer and select all then copy & paste paper 5 into selection.
Layers>From image> click on mask and apply ,merge group...
Lower opacity to around 50.
Copy & paste feather 3, resize, rotate using pick tool,place on top left.. duplicate move
slightly down and to the left..
merge layer down, add small drop shadow..
Duplicate feathers and mirror ,flip , use the pick tool to rotate to desired placement..

Highlight Frame layer
Copy & paste rose, resize 60%, place on left side, drop shadow, duplicate resize 90%, place , duplicate resize 90% place.

Copy & paste the following , resize (I resized mine to make larger 110% )and place on bottom right. then drop shadow them..
Nail Polish..

Copy & paste mask in kit , place at bottom right , duplicate , mirror , flip merge these 2 layers together. move to bottom,
Copy & paste teddy bear ,place and drop shadow,..
add any other elements that u wish .
Resize to 650 x 563 ( I like to resize before adding copyright)

Please remember to add all proper © copyright info

Add ur name...

Merge visible..
Save as PNG file...
Hope u enjoyed my tutorial
I would love to see your results, Please post them here or
u can email them to Here! with subject line "Tut Results"!!!
♥ Stef ♥

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