Friday, September 21, 2012

♥ Remembering (FTU) ♥

Written on the September 21st ,2012
Rewritten on February 20th ,2018
This tut is intended for those that have a working knowledge of PSP
This tutorial was written in PSP X but can be done in any version.
My tutorials are only meant as a guide , if u wish to use a different tube or change the colors etc ,
then please feel free to do so.I love to see what all others can create with my stuff..

Supplies Needed:
Eye Candy 3 >Gradient Glow

Font of Choice 
I used A&S Snapper and you can find it Here !!

Scrapkit "Remembering La La" by Shani at Wicked Princess!!!
U can find it

Tube of your choice - I am using the beautiful artwork of Keith Garvey.
You need a license to use his work, please do not use his work without a proper license..
U can get it

Mask of Choice , I am using WSL 59 at Weescotslass Creations!!!
U can get it

Drop  shadow settings throughout is the following
Vertical - 2
Horizontal -2
Opacity - 50
Blur - 2
Color - Black
Let's Get Started!!!

New canvas 750 x 650.
Copy & paste Frame 7 , with selection tool set to freehand, circle around frame..
Copy & paste paper 1 as a new layer, selections invert , delete..
Keep Selected
Copy & paste tube, place , delete.. Deselect
set blend to screen...
Drop shadow tube and frame...
Copy & paste Pen 1, resize  ,mirror ,place and drop shadow...
Copy & paste Flower 4 & 5 ,resize ,place and drop shadow...

Copy & paste ball 7 , resize , place and drop shadow...
New Raster layer , send to bottom , select all ,copy & paste paper 6 into selection.. apply mask, merge group...

I open mask in psp then go to layers> New Mask Layer>
From image and then click on the mask and apply.
Merge group.
Add ur own wordart.
add any other elements that u wish .

Please remember to add all proper © copyright info

Add ur name...

With font set to 90 , stroke 0, background color  set to #80b1bd
foreground set to white , set stroke to 2
add drop shadow ,
Merge down.
Save as PNG file...
Hope u enjoyed my tutorial
I would love to see your results, Please post them here or
u can email them to Here at! with subject line "Tut Results"!!!

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